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Telescopic loaders - an alternative to tractors?

Due to their multitasking, the loaders can perform a large part of the tasks that are usually carried out using tractors. In some areas, the use of a charger can give even better results. An example is their use for handling loose materials or components such as flexible containers or pallets. All these works can be done with a tractor equipped with a front loader. However, it is much better to use a charger for this purpose. Thanks to a wide range of control options, four-wheel drive and a telescopic arm, it will work perfectly in this type of task.

The tractor is still - due to engine power - remains unrivaled when it comes to performing more extensive work. However, loader builders increasingly implement solutions in the devices they create, which slowly bring them closer to the performance represented by tractors.

telescopic handlers technical data

Some of the currently available models of loaders are designed to perform a whole range of diverse works on the farm. In order to increase their usability, they are equipped with additional equipment, among others forks, spoons, grippers, augers, blades for punching sheaves. As a result, you can use them as transporting straw, sinai, forage, as well as for growing soil, sowing, green harvesting or cleaning the area.

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